Why Choose White Star?

10 reasons to choose White Star Printing


1. Capability

We can print brochures, report and accounts, catalogues, letterheads, leaflets, posters, business stationery, banners — whatever you need


2. Quality                                      

Our H-UV print technology dries ink instantly, eliminating marking and ‘dry back’, which is the loss of colour or gloss as the ink dries resulting in nice and vibrate imagery. We also have an experienced in-house finishing department to help us maintain control over the quality of your project from start to finish.


3. Experts

You don’t have to be an expert in the options available, nor the advantages and drawbacks that come with them. Leave that to us. We’ll guide you through all of it, stripping away the jargon and explaining in laymen’s terms how you can get what you want, when you want it, and at the right price.


4. Savings

We advise you on how to streamline your buying process, cut out unnecessary costs, and reduce waste.


5. Visibility

We’re versatile - Our digital presses have the ability to produce 6-page A4 documents instead of the standard 4-pagers that most digital printers offer. Some of our digital projects are turned around same-day.


6. Environment

Unlike conventional UV printers, our H-UV press does not discharge any ozone into the atmosphere. This makes it an incredibly environmentally friendly choice.


7. Communication

We take communication very seriously. We provide all customers with a dedicated account manager. Your account manager will keep you informed throughout the life of your project, and alert you immediately to any problems or difficulties.


8. Speed

Litho jobs are faster at White Star because our H-UV printer instantly dries the ink so that finishing work can be performed immediately.


9. Partnership

We don’t just print. We find solutions to your printing needs. With us you get an adviser, a guide and a partner. We help you select the best papers, inks, colours, production processes and postage methods both for your project and your overarching business goals.


10. Trust

Our customers trust us because we understand their business and because we draw their attention to things they might’ve overlooked.


11. We know we said 10, but here’s a cheeky 11 — we’re really friendly!

Honestly, we are! Call us and find out. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, we’re always happy to chat. Contact us on 023 8000 1277 or send us a message via our contact form.