We take a tailored, considered and adaptive approach to every project, whether it’s a report, form, company brochure or business card.


Free consultation and review

We’ll arrange a meeting to discuss your business, your goals and your requirements. Then we’ll look at what you’re buying and how you’re buying it and produce a review. This will provide advice and recommendations on how you can print your products more quickly, more effectively and more affordably. Best of all, both the meeting and review are free of charge or obligation.


Litho printing

Traditional litho printing is the method of choice for longer runs. But it’s always been saddled with long turnarounds because you have to wait several days for the ink to dry. At White Star, we’ve brought litho into the 21st century with our leading-edge H-UV printing press. This dries the ink instantly so that finishing can begin right away, ensuring super-quick delivery of your project.


Digital printing

What used to be the poor relation of litho is now so good that most people find it hard — if not impossible — to tell the difference. Digital printing is ideal for producing short runs, personalised prints, samples, mock-ups and one-off presentation jobs. And at White Star, our machines can produce 6-page A4 documents — most digital printers can only do the standard 4-pagers.


In-house finishing

By managing the finishing process in-house, we maintain full control over the quality of a product and ensure that every stage of the process links seamlessly to the next. And because our finishing team have years of specialist expertise and experience and a keen eye for detail, you can be assured that your product will look exactly as you expect — if not better.



Our processes allow us to meet some of the most extreme deadlines for delivery. We’re also more than happy to accommodate any specific delivery requirements, such as labelling or packing in a certain way.