About Us

Established in 2015, White Star Printing has quickly become one of the most renowned and respected printing solutions providers in the South East.


And yes, we say “solutions providers” for a reason. Lots of “printing companies” are just that. They receive jobs, print them, and send customers on their way. We do a lot more. We consider your business and your goals and recommend better, cheaper and more efficient ways of printing. We free up your time and money to focus on more important things than making sure you have enough letterheads.

Your project will receive the benefits of the latest, most advanced printing technologies. These benefits include better print quality, lower costs and faster turnaround than conventional printers. You’ll also receive comprehensive advice and guidance from our dedicated team, who bring over 100 years’ combined experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to every project they take on.


As you work with White Star, you’ll realise we’re not just a supplier. We’re a partner.